Bill Beavers has a lot to say

At least someone is making Christmas cookies on my part of the City.

Bill Beavers,City Chairman for the Democratic Party says he makes "the machine work".
That would be the Democratic voting machine. He also said he will not be under Todd Strogers' elbow sure, he won't. He also said patronage works because the people who work for you are loyal, respect and support you. He went on to say he would be smarter about appointing jobs, he gave an example of someone's 18 year son hired as a city inspector and went up to a higher carpentry inspector right away. This 18 year old was the one who inspected the collapsed porch that killed people

Ok so we are watching squirrels really closely in Chicago. Should be watching Beavers this closely

the Beaver that needs trapping


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good Morning/Afternoon!

    "To get answers, Brown and a team of students will trap squirrels in Chicago and its suburbs this winter, taking skin samples for DNA analysis."

    Trapping squirrels? How about using the money to trap criminals and evildoers like Todd.. I am not knocking science but put some use in important things in Chicago.. Sheesh...

    Nice pic of Nabisco building.. Do you do buy there often for cookies and crackers..Glad I don't live where they are makers of candy, cookies, and crackers.. That would be dangerous for me and tempting.. LOL!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Nabisco is just South of Marquette Park and you can always smell the cookies baking, we have a bunch of people who want to shut down or do something about Blommer Chocolates (that is just West of the Loop, quite a ways North of me) because the smell of Chocolate is causing air pollution, and possible allergies. The folks trying to do something about Blommer Chocolate probably wouldn't dare come this far south and find out we are polluting the air with the smells of cookies, which are calorie free. The Tootsie roll factory is straight West of Nabisco!
    There was also a big protest in one of the downtown building when Nuts On Clark (out famous popcorn joints, cheese & carmel mix is the specialty) was going to be a tenant in a downtown office building and they did not want to smell popcorn popping and getting cheese and carmel on it all day. Chicago downtown! So far so good for folks on the South Side keeping it real! Maybe that's why I haven't defected up North!
    No I don't go there to the factory seconds store.
    So we will know alot more about Squirrels....oh well, maybe something might be useful.
    I know where they can find one big Beaver, they call him Bill, he used to be an alderman, now he is a county Commissioner, and Democratic party leader and he has a daughter named Darcel who will..rumor has it will be taking over Todd's Ward as Alderman. Now that's two Beavers they won't have a hard time finding!
    The Tootsie roll factory is straight West of Nabisco!
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "I know where they can find one big Beaver, they call him Bill, he used to be an alderman, now he is a county Commissioner, and Democratic party leader and he has a daughter named Darcel who will..rumor has it will be taking over Todd's Ward as Alderman. Now that's two Beavers they won't have a hard time finding!"

    Sounds like a never ending soap opera of "All in the family."

    So, Nabisco is south of Marquette Park which is one of the areas that you had previously posted. I don't live near a cookie or cracker factory but I am about 45 minutes away from a brewery for beer.. When I am on the freeway, I can see the sign smell the beer.. But, there is a lot of smoke passing the brewery which worries me since my state has the worst pollution...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Remember this Bill Beavers is the one who favors patronage! And he helped Todd get in, Robert Steel, Todd Stroger to get in and this is recent history! The DOJ needs to trap this Beaver! Everytime there is something questionable going this Beaver is always there, and he is a busy Beaver as long as it comes to City/County/State Politics.
    By the way he (Bill Beavers) was just at the Funneral of Mrs. Mell, who is(was)the wife of Alderman Mell, who is the father-in-law of Governor Rod Blagojevich. Everyone is related somehow or another as you are starting to see here, and Bill Beavers being Democratic Chairman in the City is always, front and center. So maybe he should be put up a few notches on the DOJ Christmas list! Beaver has got to be one of the 10 ten!

    We also had the cracker jack factory over here, and Brach's Candy and Fannie Mae all which have relocated out of state, or out of country (Brach's went to Mexico). We still have Tyson chicken!
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Remember this Bill Beavers is the one who favors patronage!"

    Chicago Native:

    You need some sort of chart to show who is actually the head honcho in the food chain for the DOJ office to go after. Sounds like there are lot of of players in the corruption. From my understanding according to you, Beavers is the one to go after because he got Todd in. Then who got Bobbie Steele in? But as you said if you are going to get Todd Toddler out, then you have to get rid of the main cancer: Beavers... Right?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I added another link called this Beaver needs trapping, which kind of goes through some history, Bill Beavers is the Democratic Chairman cough, cough head of the machine, cough, cough Godfather Mr. Beavers seems to be very closely involved in all elections, City, County, State. If you want to be elected in this State you had better get along with Bill. Since this Busy Beaver has been at this for sometime, spanning more than one mayor, and cough, cough seems to be at every appointment for every major political (DEMOCRATIC) event. I some how don't think it's coincidence he is at every appointment.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    I checked out your link. Now it makes sense.. So..

    Godfather Bill Beavers-->Mayor Daley---->appoints Beaver's daughter--->Daddy Todd appoints John Stroger--->Mayor appoints son.

    Yes, makes sense.. Hiring family.. Beavers needs to go....
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Beavers is also happy with Mayor Daley......Daley will get re-elected. Notice how on that on that link it was listed one scoundrel at a time starting with ----Mr. Beavers?
    Anonymous said...
    All corruption leads up all the way up the food chain.. Beavers is not different from King Gerbil.

    SP Biloxi
    Anonymous said...
    p.s. I couldn't log into my username and password.. So, I made my comments as Anon...

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