CC Jail the stay is long

OK. So now the average stay at Cook County Jail is 190 days. Now you lay off Cook County Defenders, what will that do to the length of the average stay? Yes, the answer is increase it, and increase the need for more employees at Cook County Jail, from guards, to janitors, to kitchen staff, water, electric, and so on and so forth, prisoners are expensive to keep.........well we can go on and on. No, Todd you need to cut the fat at the top. And by the way Cook County Jail is already past capacity.

Solve one problem create more....The Todd Way

Now I am thinking. Hm, what was Bobbie Steele doing about the budget? What was she doing beside almost doubling her pension and getting her son in a Commissioner seat? Wasn't she supposed to be working on the budget? Oh, ya supposedly John Stroger was running Cook County from his sick bed, so there should not have been all this work left. Oh, Please! And it's December! What a way to end this year and start the next!

Todd not returning calls

Todd you just can't keep avoiding people who aren't going to play nice with you. Go ahead give Dick Devine, Dorothy Brown and Tom Dart a call, maybe you can arrange a playdate with them?

People not happy with Todd

Cleaning house

Excerpt from article, and you heard it here first, on my December 19th post, by me Third Chic. Some things fail to surprise me. But at least someone is looking into the obvious.

"But before lower-paid workers get pink slips, there are plenty of higher-paid management jobs that should be scrutinized, said James Muhammad, spokesman for the SEIU's Local 20."The higher up you go, the deeper the fat is," Muhammad said. "The patronage jobs, the consultants, the hangers-on -- those need to be looked at first."

So many so soon unhappy with Todd

CC Budget

Good Luck in the New Year Todd, you are going to need it, 59 days for passing the budget January 1st.

"The lack of a budget is also putting substantial pressure on the county board -- as of today it has just 67 days to comply with a state law requiring a budget to be passed by Feb. 28.

Loosing confidence in Todd

Todd's own elevator

Honestly, What next? This is only the beginning of the Todd reign! His own elevator! He said he needs one to be on time. Please! He has never been on time for anything! What he needs is his own booster seat for his president seat.

Todd gets his own elevator

"This new perk comes on the heels of other moves by Stroger that keep him away from the public and press.

He has demanded that reporters not talk to him while he's in the hallways near commissioners' offices. And he has put an end to public comments at County Board meetings, meaning residents can no longer stand up and address elected officials as they gather there."

"Many county employees have grumbled about waiting for an elevator on the fifth floor while looking over at Stroger's empty, unused elevator

Remember Todd Urkel has just got into office. This is only the beginning!

Daley Plaza

Daley Plaza for the Holiday's named after the late Richard J. Daley. I was a little too young to remember this mayor much. He died 30 years ago yesterday. I can't talk about JFK because I was not on the face of this earth then. I know people always remember where they were when famous people died, during Daley it was when I got home from grade school, and Mom always had the news on. Well, Mom is still a news junkie. Being in Chicago it was like the President died.

This comes as no surprise, nor will any other resignations.
Cook County Comptroller resigns, won't elaborate

Listening and seeing each of these candidates, Dorothy Brown has a brass demeanor that needs to be toned down, and Dock Walls is much more personable and like able.
Brown vs. Walls for mayor

CC Top heavy?

Todd Stroger wants 6200 Cook County jobs cut
This is not the solution. The County is Top heavy. All the workers, who get the the lowest raises each and every year are the ones that are being asked to do more and more.They get the lowest raises each year because the employees with the higher job grades, and exempt etc. vote on who will get the raises each year and how much. They claim it's because there was not enough money to give all the same raise. And now they are asking the Department Heads etc. to cut people, yes the people that make the most money are the one's that are going to cut jobs. They need to look good and hard at the people making the most money and see what they are doing to earn it, without hiring someone who costs a lot of money to do this.
Sure cut at lower levels so you can get more work out of the ones doing the most work, and they can accumulate vacation time, because they will be so short staffed that they will not be able to use it anyhow. Better yet how many workers, people really doing the work, can we get for one higher paying management position?

Todd's solution for 500 million dollar deficit
Just a matter of time before Judy Baar Topinka found something to do
Mayor Daley already endorsing Obama

Daley Plaza

Daley Plaza Christmas Tree. Which candidates will spend a lot of time with a view of Daley Plaza? On February 27, 2007 we all will know.

245 aldermanic candidates filed nominating petitions before the 5pm deadline yesterday, among them 49 incumbents.

One incumbent alderman--Ted Thomas (15th ward)--has announced his intention to retire.

All the Candidates are in

Things are better on the South Side now

Bill Beavers is arrogant

Some Alderman appointed have just as much attitude as their parent.

"No he is just confident, and people confuse that with arrogance", William Beavers

City Room

Chicago Welcomes Three Women to City Council
Blair Chavis

CHICAGO (2006-12-14) With some laughs and slightly off-color comments, the Chicago City Council yesterday welcomed its three newest members yesterday. Aldermen approved Mayor Richard Daley's appointment of three women. They replace male aldermen who won new offices in the fall election.

Aldermen Burt Natarus was one of few who teased the appointees about their gender.

"Well, I want to welcome you to the council but I'm not worried one bit about this council being loaded with women. I don't have any trouble communicating with ladies," Natarus kidded.

Another alderman joked that the new aldermen shouldn't expect anyone to say, "Yes, dear." At the same time, several female aldermen welcomed the new members to "The Sisterhood."

The council approved the appointees, now-Aldermen Darcell Beavers, Lona Lane, and Michele Harris.

© Copyright 2006, CHICAGO PUBLIC RADIO

Alderman race goes on

Daley has less signatures this term

Seriously this is one alderman, Joe Moore who should be re-elected, forget the Foie Gras thing, how many of you really ate this anyhow?! And he was for the BIG BOX living wage ordinance, how many of you want to try to live on the pay of Target workers get? Or even the proposed $10 an hour? This is one of my endorsements for alderman, if you go to his site you will find plenty of reasons to vote him back in!
Alderman Moore works very closely with 24th Police District Commander Bruce Rottner and the 49th Ward has experienced substantial drops in reported crime during his period as Alderman. Index Crimes in the 24th District dropped 14.99% in the year 2001 alone and aggravated battery and assault have dropped more than five times the citywide average so far this year (-14.77% vs. –2.70%).

While the 49th Ward has generally enjoyed drops in crime greater than the citywide average, any crime is too much crime – so the Alderman has a staff member permanently assigned to work on public safety issues

Never ate Foie gras, and never will, but this alderman's morals and values are in the right place Alderman Joe Moore

Warm fuzzy greetings!

It's safe on the South Side, Really!

Is it safe? Well if you have a North side address, nothing is considered safe south of the Loop. OK, this South Sider is tired of hearing if it is safe where I live. Yesterday, someone was surprised that Ford City Mall is still safe to shop at? OK, Northsiders, just to be safe "DO NOT GO SOUTH OF THE LOOP", and quit asking me if "It is still safe, here, there, or anywhere on the South Side", Thank you in advance for not asking anymore!

Alderman's race getting ugly,umm uglier

CC Board Meeting

OK, I can't help myself. Here is the review, view from the South Side of the Windy City, of the Cook County Board Meeting on December 6Th.

During the whole entire meeting Todd had one silly smirk after another, maybe once or twice he was not smirking. Time One: Commissioners Moreno and Silvestri must have been working together as a team, they moved things along so fast that Todd had to turn to his clerk and ask "where are we?" Time Two: The finance person from the Health Department came up and Todd's eyes bugged out and said "Who are you?", "And you are?". Priceless! Eyes bulging out like Urkel!

At the end of the meeting Commissioner Moreno said Congratulations this is the first meeting in as long as he can remember that was finished by 12 Noon. Yes Commissioner Moreno as you were moving things along rather rapidly and looking over your glasses at Todd to see if he still had the dumb look on his face, and Commissioner Silvestri smirking so hard he had dimples throughout the whole meeting. You two accomplished something loosing the Toddster, having him use all his different smirks and giggles throughout the whole meeting.another precious moment Toddster giggling like a chipmunk and smirking and saying to both of you "Slow down".

Maybe for the next meeting one of you can find a booster seat for the Toddster to sit in? He could have used one in that big Presidents chair he sat in. Commissioner Maldonado had to keep his head down a few times and rub his forehead. Did he know what the two of you were up to? Silvestri could have pulled it off better if he didn't have the dimples, not good for a poker face. Many times throughout the meeting someone would call out President for the floor and the Toddster all confused "who is that? who is that?". Also a few times he called Silvestri, Suffredin, and apologized. OK Todd, I will make this easy, Silvestri is the younger and better looking of the two and has dimples, Suffredin is the old guy with the beard. OK now Todd, Beard/Suffredin, Dimples/Silvestri.

And something that is not really news:
Daley is running for re-election

And we have no shortage of Candidates for Alderman:
Might beat record for number of Candidates for Alderman

Another take on the Beaver
Denny & the Beav

Bill Beavers has a lot to say

At least someone is making Christmas cookies on my part of the City.

Bill Beavers,City Chairman for the Democratic Party says he makes "the machine work".
That would be the Democratic voting machine. He also said he will not be under Todd Strogers' elbow sure, he won't. He also said patronage works because the people who work for you are loyal, respect and support you. He went on to say he would be smarter about appointing jobs, he gave an example of someone's 18 year son hired as a city inspector and went up to a higher carpentry inspector right away. This 18 year old was the one who inspected the collapsed porch that killed people

Ok so we are watching squirrels really closely in Chicago. Should be watching Beavers this closely

the Beaver that needs trapping

The Beaver on the John Callaway Show

I watched the 30 minute interview last night John Callaway had with now Commissioner William Beavers.
Summing it up, William Beavers thinks patronage works,he went on to explain why, he also said it works in private business etc., and he feels Sorich, Daley's patronage chief should not have been indicted. I would have to stop here because this is where I would start getting censored. Yes 30 minutes of Mr. Beavers carrying on, and not one encouraging thing. I wonder how many other Commissioners saw this interview? I wonder what they were thinking? What I do know is he is Todd's biggest supporter, and has Todd's ear.

CTA in financial trouble, again

The Sun is finally out! Now all we need is the above freezing weather they say we will get this weekend.

Daley's helpers

Alderman trying to spend more money They have a CTA person at every El station, cameras everywhere,and the CTA is in financial trouble? I personally do not think this is a good use of money. I am frequently on CTA, so I can say this.

Rumor!Forest Claypool will be on Obama's election committee if he runs for President, also he does not intend on giving up his Cook County Commissioner position since it is considered, a part time job.

The Toddler and Beaver show

Now it is President Stroger and his Commissioner Beavers.
View of Sears Tower from the south side, a grey tall shadow through the trees.

Todd is going to keep more questionable people on that he promised to fire immediatly. When asked more questions he gave a silly grin and said he was done talking. Well Todd, sometimes the reporters don't want to play nice with you. Todd's new answer complete with silly smirk, "I'm done talking".
Todd breaks more campaign promises

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune:

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger will have the power to cast votes to break ties on the board, according to lawyers for the Cook County state's attorney's office who researched the matter.
The board has 17 commissioners, so tie votes should be rare, but members are occasionally absent. Although there are 12 Democrats and five Republicans, the board voted 9-8 several times on contentious budget issues over the last few years.
William Beavers, a former Chicago alderman, holds the commissioner position that had been occupied by John Stroger, the former board president and Todd Stroger's father.
"He don't need to vote; I'm his vote," Beavers said, adding that there are enough Democratic votes to make Stroger's unnecessary. "So why does he need to vote? The only time the mayor of the city of Chicago votes is when it's a tie."

The Cook County State's attorney is Dick Devine, in case someone did not know.

New Sheriff has a top 10 to do list

Civic Committee report Do's & Don't for Illinois School funding

Police from Special Operations have more charges against them

South Side planters, Robert Steele inherits post

What is this?The intersection was closed down for months, for what? Is it a planter? Is it a speed deterrent? Is it a traffic deferment? Is it a planter? Is is done? Is it another green idea by the city? Is it supposed to have normal flora, for indigenous weeds to grow? Is it a place to dump beer bottles, because that's all I have ever seen there? Is it a way for residents to get to know their Alderman by calling and asking, what is it?

So many questions in this town, no answers. Bobbie Steele's son gets her Commissioner seat. All behind closed doors, or rather basement.
Robert Steele takes over for Mom

The transition, with a judge standing at the back of the room on standby for a smooth swearing-in, came in the basement of Chicago Ald. Michael Chandler's 24th Ward office on the West Side.
Chandler originally said the press couldn't be at the meeting and, in a sign the transition was sealed long ago, it almost happened without a word being spoken by those making the decision.
"Should we not discuss the nomination?" Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd) said.
But he was the only one to speak at a meeting where only four of the 15 committeemen involved showed up, with the rest voting by proxy.
Steele's only challenge came from Sheila Vinson, a former Chicago police officer, now a professor, who called the transition from Steele to Steele "corrupt."
"This is sending a terrible message," she said.
"I'm very proud to be able to continue the legacy of my mom," Steele said, vowing to "continue the wonderful name that she's presented" in the 20 years she held the post.

Now I have more questions, a lot more. Starting with, how does this happen? How? How can this be legal? How? Yes that thing in the road that popped up, well, not exactly popped up, but after many city workers and road closures in my ward, now seems like a mood point, compared to what is going on between City Hall and the County and how people, the same names, only first names different, keep moving back and forth.

More rumors! Bobbie Steele comes back to the county as a consultant. And we start hearing the Davis name more, starting with Danny as a first name

New CC President in Town

Hope his Mom at least thinks he is precious and special. Yes, yesterday Toddler was sworn in as President of Cook County at the Chicago Cultural Center. Mayor Daley accompanied him to his new office afterwards. Of course John Daley will be there to make sure everyone plays nice with Todd. The Old Sheriff, Sheehan pointed out that the average prison stay while awaiting trial in Cook County (City of Chicago) is 190 days, and New York is an average of 40 days. Yes this is a problem in so many ways, causing overcrowding, the need for more guards, and all other jail help, and increased finances. Why are the courts so backed up.....well Todd to the rescue, maybe he can work with the New Sheriff in Town, Tom Dart

It's Official like it or not the Toddster is in

In the meantime gas prices are going up as our white snow goes to grey then black.

Todd needs to play with some kitties

Maybe we can get Todd to play with some Tigers at Lincoln Park Zoo? Come on Todd doen't that look like fun to play in the snow with the Kitties?

This is only the beginning, Todd Stroger get sworn in as President of Cook County. They are already going to drag an old law out and have it work to his advantage. Can I watch the swearing in event.......somehow I think it's best not to.
When Todd Stroger is sworn in as Cook County Board president today, he will become the rare president who doesn't also hold one of 17 board seats.

That means if the county board votes 9-8 to take action Stroger doesn't like, he could cast a tying vote just to kill it. Or, if a commissioner is absent and there's an 8-8 tie, Stroger could break that tie.

Yes and by the way Former Alderman William Beavers has the Commissioner post vacated by John Stroger. Todd the beginning of his PresidencyMore of the Same

New Sheriff in Town

You may find a lot of unusual things around the State of Illinois, like the Shea Mueseum in Springfield on Route 66.
And now for some real unusual news coming out of Chicago:

Tom Dart was sworn in Friday as Cook County's first new sheriff in 16 years and said the position's $160,000 annual salary was "more than adequate."
Dart's comments came after former Sheriff Michael Sheahan filed a lawsuit against Cook County on Thursday, two hours before the close of business on his last day in office.
Sheahan says the county owes him and other top personnel additional money for running the county boot camp located next to the jail.
"I look at the salary that I get as covering everything I'm doing there, whether it's working ... in the jail or it's working in the courts," said Dart, 44, who's married and has three young children. "That was the salary I signed up for. ... It's very sufficient."

And what is a news day in Illinois without more ties, more places, to more coruption:
Rezko Iraqi ties

And some interesting news on Obama:
What does Obama think about the clean air act?

Spike talks with James Thompson about the ruling allowing George Ryan to remain free pending his appeal, as well as the decision for Ryan not to receive any pension. (7:53) (11/30/06) Very Optimistic former governor Jim Thompson, former Governor Ryan's pro bona attorney talks

And on George Ryan:

Daley's problems

State Senator is now Cook County Clerk:
Miguel del Valle

New Sheriff in town:

Tom Dart

Just another day in the City of Chicago, business as usual:
Daley keeping Patrick Collins busy
City worker charged in perjuryIn case you can't keep up:City Hall activity at Dirksen Federal BuildingAnd the beginning of all of this Hired truck the beginning

Pat Quinn wanting to lower electric

The Old State Capital, the Current State Capital. Springfield Illinois.

Blagojevich is good on one campaign promise before the new State Congress begins, we expect his signature soon.

Blagojevich first promise done

Lt. Governor Pat Quinn said he will try to do something about the 22-55% electric increase.
Pat Quinn's campaign promise

An with the City Alderman's race coming up means more annoucements
Tumia Romero, will challenge Alderman Isaac Carothers of the 29th Ward in next April's city election

And the snow we got through the night and this morning is still white, later this afternoon, or sooner it will be black to grey around town.

The heavy snow will continue through the Great Lakes today with another 6-12 inches of snow through northern Illinois

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