Veterans Day

Veteran's Day

Pictures from Oak Ridge cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, the second most visited cemetery in this country after Arlington National cemetery. Oak Ridge cemetery is where Lincoln is buried. The first picture is from on top of his Tomb. This cemetery also has a WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam and Civil War Memorials, shown above.

Remember all veteran's today, especially my Father a Vietnam Vet who died in his 50's, His father a WWII vet, His mother's brother's all WWII Vet's and one loosing his life in this war. My other grandfather WWII vet, and his brother. My Mom's mother's brother WWII vet.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Hey, 3rd generation Chicago native:

    Nice pics of the Chicago Vet Memorial. It looks more impressive than the Vet Memorial in D.C. I hope people will remember the vets and our fallen soldiers who gave up their freedom to fight for this country and serve this country.

    t said...
    3rd Gen,

    Nice pictures, military families appreciate this and you are right about what you said on Fitz' blog about taking care of our soldiers.

    I intend to keep complaining until they do something about it!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Thanks everyone SPB and T. A really good place to visit is Springfield, there is really a lot to do if you are into History and Historic sites, this town is loaded and also the New Lincoln Museum that Bush came down a couple of years ago on opening day is really worth the trip. A lot of good stuff on the Civil War as well as Lincoln.

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