John Stroger falls ill

Stroger had a mild stroke?

Mild Stroke?!
this is the first dishonest event surrounding John Stroger's real health, the Doctors at Rush had a press conference saying it was too early to tell what his real condition was then after John Stroger, who went to Rush Hospital, adjacent to John Stroger Hospital........If the hospital he was in charge of was not good enough for him and named after him because this was his big project.....Then who is it good enough for? In the next days and weeks the Neurologists and physicians treating John Stroger would use freight elevators and exit the hospital through the alley, many reporters caught on and many would be running after them in the alley, Political reporters such as CBC 2 news Mike Flannery, CLTV's Carlos Hernandez Gomez, ABC 7's Andy Shaw were among them. What were these Doctors afraid of?

In the meantime Forrest Claypool, the opposing Democrat for President of Cook County, in the primaries, backed off of his ads, even though they were not nasty ads Forrest Claypool The primaries were close if Forrest ran his full campaign with out taking into effect John Stroger's health would he have won? The Democratic Primary

In the mean time everyone is wondering who is running the County? Alderman William Beavers is now the spokesman for John Stroger and said he is running the county from his bed. There are so many people wondering the validity of that.

Then after the deadline to file for candidacy of the Cook County president John Stroger resigns and with the most illegible signature.....He supposedly signed the resignation Illegible signature

Then Todd Stroger is put on the ballet to replace his father Todd is On Ballet

Next Democrats put out a Web site Todd the Toddler Republican candidate Tony Peraica

Shouldn't the people of Cook County, a County of over 5 million people and a 6.1 Billion dollar budget be upset? This got enough South Siders Fluffed up enough to vote for a Republican North Sider, which is usually two strikes against you on the South Side.


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