Todd Stroger the most Ignorant Politician in Human History?

Quote unquote"Todd Stroger: The Most Ignorant Politician in Human History"

I can see Todd Stroger is getting quite a fan base, even before officially taking office.

Todd Stroger not looking good


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    And I take it that you can't stand Todd?? Thanks for showing me the pic of Todd. Well, you can't stand Todd and I don't like Dollar Bill Jefferson and Blackwell. Graf is graft regardless of what color line.. Just rid of garbage is my motto. I see that you put more picture of the parade. The third pic with the cucumber and tomato floats made me want to make a salad! The only parade that I look forward to is the Rowl Bowl parade. And I never gone there. The traffic is aweful there. And they jack up the prices for parking. It is better to stay home and watch it on T.V.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Sound like Todd is a sell out. That what we call people like Todd.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Problem with Todd is the way he got in, the way he is going to keep the Steeles, the Beavers and all the other families happy, both at the County or City. And this is the second largest county in the country as far as population goes. I have a hard time with someone not getting into any of his positions on talent, kind of like, Bush. And the taxes in Cook County keep going up, I am glad I do not smoke or it would be $6.oo plus a pack. Every time we turn around something else gets taxed. We have higher prices of gas than anywhere in the state....why because we are in Cook County. Sorry to rant and rave but I would like to see someone qualified for the President of Cook County position in office, and there because they got there honestly. Honestly? That's a word not used at the County very much. No, he is our very own version of the Gerbil, right here in the Windy City. OK so Todd is older than me, but not by a great deal.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...

    You don't have to apologize to me about your concern and being pissed at Todd. I don't live your area but we both have concern for people like Todd who are corrupted. There are a lot of Todds in this country. And if Todd is similar to the Gerbil as you said, then the people in your area have to strong enough to get him out. Was I thrilled that the Arnie got back into the governorship again? That is why I said that there will be another recall and we have to pay for another recall. 6 bucks for cigerettes? Glad that I don't smoke either. But, you are right. Everything is going up. Even I had to switch long distance services because I am being double tax where I am at. So, my cell phone is what I use alot. And I jst have basic service and 100 minutes of long distances.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Oh now there is a good GOP (LOL) running on family values, Arnold. I understand he is a big slime ball pig that gropes anything female. And Maria Shriver......she deserves so much better, and didn't she have 4 kids with him. I am sure she has had to look the other way so often, as far as his extracurricular, (extramarital) activities go. I would be livid if I had to put up with that for my Gubinator. OK so Blagojevich's father in law is Mell, Chicago Alderman. And mayor Daley and Daley's brother (Cook County Commissioner) are both supportive of Todd, so he has the City and County behind him, so he will help move people back and forth between the two(City and County) which in reality are really one big mess. So I think the DOJ on Dearborn has already figured out you can not go after one without going after the other (City & County).
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "I understand he is a big slime ball pig that gropes anything female."

    Yup, that is right. He had a pending lawsuit from a European woman that claimed that he groped her. She took the case outside of the U.S. And Arnie made a settlement with her. I think Maria turns the other way on Arnie's naughty behavior. But that is Maria's problems. Thanks for explaining about the connection of Todd and Daley. So, I take that back. I hope the rugby man U.S. Attorney go after Daley (the head honcho). As you said, in order to cut the cord of the hiring of family and corruption, then all eyes need to be on Daley.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    And you should hear Todd talk (it's like the Gerbil talk) and he also has his own annoying chuckle. Too many similarities, both got Prez jobs because of Daddy, both have someone behind them pulling the strings (Cheney/William Beavers)neither one got there on thier own. So Todd can be Gerbil Jr., aka Toddler.
    It seems like Patrick Collins, Asst. US Attorney is taking these cases, or at least running things in Chicago, I think Patrick Fitzgerald is too tied up in Plamegate.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Toddler... LOL! That is too funny.. Love the name for Todd and Todd talk.. blah, blah, blah...You have to hear Todd talk. I have to hear the Arnie bullshit and non-English talk speech on how he is still learning his job and veriage fron the Terminator movies. Oh by the way, thanks for the clarification about Collins. There has ben too much talks in Chicago with Fitzgerald in many cases. You would think Fitzgerald has all of the cases of corruption in the North District office.Best of luck with Collins and his cases. But, corrupt Todd, Daley, and others should be need to be removed. The DOJ office has a lot of cleanup in Chicago from what you are saying..

    Anyhoo, heading off of the computer. I have a busy day tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening. I have learned a lot from you today. Good night!

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