Marshall Field's

The Marshall Fields clock is at State and Washington.

Inside Macy's (Marshall Fields)

Cook County commissioner Joseph Moreno will be investigated first.
One thing about Moreno, he seems to have always done in homework before going into the County Board meetings. He was one of the commissioners not afraid of anyone on the board. I hope this investigation does not come of anything because he will be one of the commissionerss to make Todd Stroger squirm.



  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    My goodness! Marshall Fields is huge. My gf would have a field day shopping in that area. In fact, she probably get lost in that store for days.. LOL! Unfortunately, my local mall is only two floors. It is not as huge as Marshall Fields. The only place that I went to that was huge was Macys in NY.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Officer named in Taser incident

    Terrence Duren, whose tenure with university police has included an award for UCPD Officer of the Year as well as allegations of police misconduct and use of excessive force, was the officer who used a Taser against Mostafa Tabatabainejad in Powell Library last Tuesday, university police said Monday.

    Duren arrived on the scene with Officers Alexis Bickamong, Kevin Kilgore and Andrew Ikeda, and the sergeant on duty was Philip Baguiao, said Nancy Greenstein, UCPD director of police community services.

    The 43-year-old officer, who was on active duty Monday, was also the subject of media attention three years ago after he shot a homeless man in Kerckhoff Hall.

    Tabatabainejad's attorney, Steven Yagman, who on Friday announced plans to file a suit against the university, said the student did not produce his BruinCard because he felt singled out during the identity check. It is not clear how many students were asked for identification, but witnesses said the Community Service Officers on duty spent several minutes checking, while other students in the CLICC Lab at Powell said they were not asked for their BruinCards.

    UCLA never had this many problems when I went there.. Good night! Biloxi out!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I don't know if it is terrorism paranoa that got to this officer, (assuming this by the victims name), but just produce your ID card when asked if you have nothing to hide. I don't know I know a lot of cops in Chicago and you have to look at it from their end too.
    It was like the one African American Congresswomen was taking her family on a tour of the Capital and she had no ID on her and expected to get in, she called it racial, and she lost, the guard was just doing his job.
    Some of my friends tell me someone is going way over the speed limit, blows a stop sign, they get pulled over and the first thing out of their mouth is that they are being pulled over for their race. Then someone is speeding a little and you are in the same neighborhood and you don't go after them, because you are afraid of over doing it, you want to make good and sure they are in a good violation, but then the residents say hey pull him over, do your job. It is hard to be a COP, in Chicago. some of my friends ended up off the street and on CTA duty (riding the transit undercover)easier than being on the street.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    State street is where Macy's (was Marshall Fields was) it is 9 stories tall, we have another big Store Carson Pirie Scott on the same side of the street a few building south that is as almost as big as this store, it will be leaving early next year. Yes corporate profits are up 72%, wages up over 1%, yes the economy looks good on paper because all the money is going for CEO,CFO pockets and overseas. And the middle class is dissapearing along with all the middle class stores, to name a couple, Marshall Fields bought by Macy's, Carson Pirie Scott selling stores first, namely the State Street one.

    If your Gf likes to shop she would love the Mag Mile, aka Magnificent Mile(Micigan avenue north of Wacker Drive and the Chicago River) all kinds of high end stores, Sharper Image, Nieman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrum, Bloomingdales that are doing very well up there and a short walk from State Street. Also Water tower place is a big tall mall right next to the Hancock Center with all kinds of shoping inside, with glass elevators. And of course it is right accross the street from the limestone Water Tower that survived the Chicago fire along with the water pumping station that is still in use today and houses a visitor center where you can pick up maps etc, eat, sign up for bus tours on the double decker buses, get on a trolley for free if it is on the weekends. Ride a horse and carraige. Go to Looking Glass theater if there is a play in town. Of course this is the North side and a big tourist area so expect to pay.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good Morning, Chicago Native:

    Well, first of all, I don't think that the incident between the cop and the student are racially motivated. But it was police brutality.. Since I went to the school many moons ago, I have forgotten my bruin card. And the university police was far different back then than it is today. With the Gerbil President changes the rules in this country and reviving the Patriot Act, the police officers have changed. I hear you that some people abused the law by falsely claiming the race card.. I know that.. But, this taser incident put a human stain into UCLA in diversity. And that school is in dying needs for blacks to attend that school. I am afraid that with this incident, black students may shun away from UCLA. They might think of the Rodney King incident. UCLA is located in a predominate white area. It is right next to Bel Air.. And the school is knows internationally. But, I am glad that there is an independent counsel that will do an investigation..Now my former gf was accused by a cop of stealing a video out of a library. And she never step foot into the library just the ladies bathroom. So, the cop was latino and the other was white. She wasn't made because she thought they might have mistaken her planner for a video. But, the latino cvop took it further. He actually thought she stole a video tape. So, he asked to search her car and ask for the ID. She did that. She got his badge number. She took out a complaint with the police department and gave a complaint over the phone with the city that the officer violated her 4th amendment. She talked to the person all the up to the chain of command. They gave her the song and dance. She ended up suing the city. And she won. And they settled the lawsuit.. We found out that it wasn't a race thing. It was simply that he was attracted to her.. I wish I had seen the cop again because I would have given him a piece of my mind.....
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    No I did not know UCLA was in a predominately white area. We really don't have that in the City. But there are suburbs like that.
    Sometimes I am not sure what these COPs are thinking. This one sounded like a loose cannon anyhow because he had a previous incident.
    Obviously you have to keep and eye on the Cops better too.
    We just had an incident where a kid got shot by a cop just East of me a couple of days ago, the officers claim he did not cooperate, and grabbed for his gun. All involved were the same race, as was the assistant Police Superintendent of the Chicago Police who had a neighborhood meeting to defend the cops.
    In the meantime South Side Bungalows burn this is your typical South side home, but these are south and east of me.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    What is scary abot that fire is that the houses are so close...
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Sharper Image, Nieman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrum, Bloomingdales that are doing very well up there and a short walk from State Street."

    We have Nordstroms and Needless Markups (Nieman Marcus). It is a bit overpriced.. She doesn't shop there. She is a bargain shopper. I guess one of her goals is to shop at Neiman Marcus. That is one of her goals...

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