Rumors of another child inherited a Political post

A hazy day on the South Side.

So Todd Stroger shows up and sits in the audience...Next to Alderman William Beavers, at the Cook County Board meeting, right there I am having problems with that, of course all kinds of things are running through my mind. Then there are rumors that Bobbie Steele may retire at the end of the year, of course her pension will be higher after receiving presidential pay, so why not, more rumors that in her retirement she may take a position as one of Todd Stoger's advisors,of which he has many and rumor has it one of her children will replace her as commissioner. This is really, really painful for Cook County residents to watch. Is anyone at the US Attorney's office paying any attention to all of this? Or are they just going to run amuck at the county as usual?

Also when Todd was asked about his Dad, specifically if he knew that Todd won the election, Todd said I'm not sure some days he doesn't talk. I think we were seriously mislead about John Stroger's condition from day ONE. When you have the Physicians treating him sneaking around and acting like a deer in headlights when a reporter confronts them or act like they still don't have a clue as to what his condition is........Something is wrong, really wrong, or being covered up.


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