Thanksgiving day parade

For people not in Chicago, things may come as a surprise in our Thanksgiving day Parade, that we have to stop the El trains (special CTA crew in bright yellow vests) to pull the balloons under the El tracks so the sparks from the trains don't pop them,a pizza truck instead of a float, and a fish driving a coast guard boat.
For me it's no surprise that Bobbie Steele will decide to retire on Presidential pension and name one of her children as a replacement. But now we know which one.
Bobbie Steeles anoints Son as Commissioner
Also rumor has it that Bobbie Steele will end up in another County Job while collecting pension at 130k something a year, instead of about 70K something a year commissioner pension, to be on Todd Stroger's transition team.

There is too much nepotism in Illinois politics. You have to be a relative of somebody to hold public office and I think that's wrong and it's not a very healthy in a democracy," said Commissioner Forrest Claypool, (D) Chicago

But her son Robert was already a Chicago Park District Administrator, and who will get his job? Now he is going from the City to the County. Will someone from the County or City replace him? Will it be a relative of one of these?

My predictions for Commissioners not going to take it easy on Todd are, Peraica, Claypool, Quigley, Moreno, Maldonado, and Silvestri.
Those I predict that are going to take it easy on Todd are, John Daley (yes he is Richard M. Daley, mayor's brother), Sims, Murphy, Collins, and Steele (Bobbie). Others I can not decide on, but am anxiously waiting to see include Butler, Gorman, Hansen, Goslin, Suffredin, and Robert Steele. These are not my New Year's predictions because the next County Board meeting is Dec. 6th.


  1. Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    Good Evening, Chicago Native:

    I hope that you had a wondwerful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I did. I am recooperating from the turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, amd apple pie.

    The pics of the parade looks more like the Macys parade in NY today. They had lowered the balloons this year to avoid another accident from last year. I saw the Macys parade today. I notice that the police were escorting the people holding up the balloons.. I know that NY was cold. What is the weather in Chicago? In the 30's?

    Interesting news about Ms. Steele. She leave one job from another, gets more money, and hires her son as a replacement for her job. All in the name of family.. Chicago sure have some issues with corruption and hiring family members.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    SP Biloxi,

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving cheer. I hope you had a great one too.

    It looks like the South Side Standoff ended up on National news. This area is East and South of me. I took a picture of the downtown Chicago area from my end of town I will post that late. It will give you an idea how big the city is.

    I went to the State Street Parade, as usual this year. We had police everywhere, as usual. It was in the 50's, early to mid 50's here, so it was a nice warm day for a parade. I am not looking forward to another winter.

    You can't talk about Cook County without talking about Chicago and visa versa. It is such an intertangle situation that has been going on for so long. Did I mention that Boobie Steele has 5 children working for Cook County and now her son Robert will make 6, if anyone is counting.
    Also note Mayor Daley's brother, John is a commissioner for Cook County.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    The Steele family all working for Cook county? They sound like the mafia..Unfortunately, we don't have that type of problem in my city.. I am going to say that we don't have problems because we do. I do like the mayor of my city because he doesn't do anything. He is buddy buddy with my governor. He is building so strip malls and condo complexes but there aren't any jobs in my city.. The mayor doesn't get it.

    Sounds like you had fun at your parade. We don't have parade in my area. In fact, we had none at all in any city. So, we are stuck watching the Macys parade in NY on TV. The weather was in the 70's yesterday. It was nice but I was mostly inside.. I live less than 10 minutes from the mall. I know that the street which takes me to the mall (Magnolia)will be a mess.. I know right now that thr parking is ridiculous there. And your weather doesn't sound that bad.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Unseasonalbly warm for Thanksgiving. All of the other years we froze for the parade. The Osco (now CVS) was open and selling out hand warmers, 99 cents a pack, you activate and put one in each glove or mitten.
    There are many relations to the County/City etc. The Steeles are not the only family, this is epidemic. There are many families that are both at the County and City. Way too much of that going on. And when Obama who jumped into help Todd Stroger out found out about him hiring Nichols back he put more distance between him and Todd and did not approve of it. Nichols who is being looked at by the US Attorney's office now. I think Obama needs to put a lot more distance between him and Todd, because Todd is not even in office yet and just look what's going on.
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    "Unseasonalbly warm for Thanksgiving."

    It's probably Global Warming. LOL!

    Sound like Chicago has lot more issues with people like Steele and hiring families in your area.. Again, I hope that the city can get a budget to get more man power in the DOJ office to stop the corruption...
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Everyone pays for this. The having family and friends in the County and City is endemic.
    It is not much better over in Iraq another mess that is causing more civilian deaths each day. Too many innocent people being caught up in the mistakes of a select few.
    An Alexander L. KGB spy dieing from Po. Another tragedy. And how did this substance get outside of a nuclear or do you say Nock lee are reactor?
    Special Prosecutor Biloxi said...
    I have a feeling that the the gentleman spy is died from Plutonm 210 (this is what the media is claiming) was assassinated. And the substance had to be fron a professional and a chemist. For that subtance to not be detected from urine? It's a professional. Someone wanted him out of the way. Whoever did it made sure that there would be no trace. And what if that substance that killed the spy was transmitted from another country? We don't know if the substance was powder or liquid.. Just thinking out loud..

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