Todd Stroger, new CC President like it or not

Even though it's official now. Cook County elections done and now we have Todd Stroger, who was an hour late for his press conference. Todd who was always late to all his media events throughout his candidacy and this probably won't stop. Todd Stroger standing at the podium with Bobbie Steele there with him on his right. Bobbie Steele who did not jump on the Todd Stroger bandwagon right away, and avoided answering who she was supporting for President, answering "I have not made up my mind yet" numerous times. Yes Bobbie Steele at the podium next to Todd at his press conference, Bobbie Steele who starting supporting him at the end, when Obama jumped in. Obama saying on the eve of the election "I would have liked to see him get in the conventional way" Yes, Obama we all would have liked that and to have had everything surrounding this done "done in the conventional way" Not that it was easy to be a South Sider and vote for Peraica. But look at the alternative? Yes I was listening to political analyst say his ads putting Peraica in the same camp with Bush worked. No, the democratic machine in Chicago still works. Now about the 8th Ward Todd Stroger leaves behind, lots of rumors it will have someone's family member put there.

Bobbie Steele

Now we have Todd


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